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Teledomains: How it Works


Email:, a division of NetUpstarts, Inc, offers a new unique patent pending service that assists companies with custom vanity toll free numbers and toll free services as they seek to launch or expand their company identity.

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TeleDomains™, match a business' identity - the company name, domain name or company product or service mark with a customized 800 vanity toll free number. With TeleDomains™, businesses reinforce their brand name and recognition while offering their customers free and easy toll free telephone access to their products and services from anywhere in the United States. With custom 800 vanity toll free number fax and phone numbers and the toll free services, businesses differentiate themselves from their competition and consumers more easily remember where to find them.

TeleDomains™ work as follows:

TeleDomains™ work as follows: A company operates under the name YourBiz Inc. It conducts business on its web site using the domain name It establishes an 800 vanity toll free number of 1-800-YourBiz to match its company name or domain name, and/or a 800 toll free fax number, 1-800-FaxYourBiz to further its name branding efforts. offers its vanity toll free number services for companies and individuals. These toll free services assist and advise with the 800 toll free telephone branding process. Through its relationships with companies providing telecommunications services, offers assistance in creating the matching 800 toll free telephone numbers and setting up low cost 800 toll free telephone services. If you do not yet have a domain name, please CLICK HERE for the list of TeleDomains™ that are currently being offered by or you can CLICK HERE for a complete list of domain names being offered by™ offers:

  • assistance in creating, securing and setting up available custom vanity toll free numbers and the toll free services

  • no need to install and pay for another phone line for our toll free services. Vanity 800 numbers ring to any existing phone line you choose.

  • Vanity 800 toll free telephone services with no long-term contract.
  • a simple, on-line application process for the toll free services

  • low cost toll free telephone service through its relationships with telecommunications service providers; Only 7 ¾ cents per minute--any time, any day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all for all interstate calls. Monthly fees for our 800 services are waived for the first month. After the first month, there is a very low $14.95 monthly fee. You may cancel our toll free service at any time.

  • Our 800 services are available throughout the entire United States or if you wish, you can order our 800 services for your city or state. .

There is no cost to CLICK HERE and ask to secure an available vanity toll free telephone number. Once we have informed you of the available vanity toll free number we have secured for you, you decide whether to have set up the toll free number and the toll free services. You will then receive a monthly bill only for the calls made to your vanity toll-free number. Although there is no cost to request a custom vanity 800 telephone number, if you do decide to use the custom vanity toll free telephone numberand the toll free service, there will be a one time $95 setup fee as payment for all of the work performed by our creative team in creating the matching toll free telephone number and for the work performed by our account executives in regard to the processing of your application and for the prompt setup of your toll free services.

Let creative team suggest a vanity toll free telephone number for you. You have no obligation to go ahead and use the vanity toll free 800 number created by™ Simply submit your company™ will contact you by e-mail with your very own matching TeleDomain 800 number within three business days. If you choose to go ahead, then the vanity toll free number and the toll free services should be set up and working within 5 business days.

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