Get Started!!! to Help Customers of The .tv Corporation Obtain Customized Toll-Free Numbers When Registering A Domain Name

New York, NY– February 6, 2001 –TeleDomains


New York, NY– February 6, 2001 –, the premier online provider of custom toll-free number services, today announced that customers of The .tv Corporation (, a leading global provider of Web identity services and the exclusive worldwide source for web addresses ending in .tv, are able to obtain toll-free numbers that match their registered domain names. The service will help customers of The .tv Corp. strengthen both their online and offline presence with a free and easily remembered way for customers to access their products and services.


With the new service, The .tv Corp. will offer domain registrants the opportunity to set up a toll-free phone number to match their new domain name through TeleDomains’ patent-pending toll-free number-generating system.  For example, if a customer registers the domain, the service will assist the company by creating and establishing a toll-free telephone number of 800-MyBrand.


“The service is a great marketing tool for our customers because it provides a simple, high-impact way for our customers to reinforce their .tv brand and communicate with their customers” said Lou Kerner, chief executive officer of The .tv Corporation.


“We’re excited about this partnership, because like The .tv Corporation, we help businesses differentiate themselves from their competition,” said President, Bernard Sonnenschein. “We receive email from users every day thanking us for offering a service that helps businesses increase their sales by means of a custom toll-free telephone number.”


The TeleDomains service will be offered through The .tv Corporation web site,  Once a customer places an order for the service through the online request form, will contact that customer by email with a matching toll-free telephone number within three business days. If the number is acceptable, the customer can activate the number online, and it will become operational within five business days.


About, a division of NetUpstarts Inc., is a New York-based business offering a new unique patent pending service that matches a business’ domain name, web site address, company product or service mark with a customized toll-free number. With TeleDomains, businesses can get a domain name and associated low cost, customized, catchy toll free phone and/or fax numbers that match its domain name, web site address or company product or service mark. TeleDomains help businesses reinforce their brand name and recognition while offering their customers free and easy telephone access to their products and services from anywhere in the United States.


About The .tv Corporation

The .tv Corporation ( is a leading global provider of Web identity services and the exclusive worldwide source for web addresses ending in .tv.  The company provides domain name registration services and a suite of value-added products and services that enable customers to establish unique web identities.  The company created this premier top-level domain so that companies, organizations and individuals can create the Internet brands and identities of the future.  Inquiries can be made at the company’s Web site,


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