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Brand Fidelity Partners With TeleDomains To Offer Additional Solutions That Fuel The Creative And Branding Processes




PORTLAND, Ore. (December 15, 2000) – Brand Fidelity, which services the needs of marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners trying to navigate the murky waters of name creation and protection, today announced enhancements to its web-based branding service located at  Version 2.0 of the company’s website provides clients faster and easier navigation.  In addition, Brand Fidelity is offering a new service through a  partnerships with TeleDomains, which establishes personalized toll-free telephone numbers.


Brand Fidelity helps companies of all sizes streamline the commercial naming process by guiding them through the entire process of creating, acquiring, protecting and building a strong brand name.  Marketing professionals and entrepreneurs can, at their convenience, utilize Brand Fidelity resources such as brainstorming tools, project planning and development aids, unified trademark and domain name availability searches, electronic filing capability with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, brand portfolio management, and more.  Many of Brand Fidelity’s services are free to registered users; others carry fees ranging from $18 - $500.


“Developing company and product names can be a convoluted and expensive task – lack of trademark and domain name availability eliminate many options and consultant and legal fees can consume a marketing budget,” said Brand Fidelity Co-Founder and CEO Mark Swinth.  “Brand Fidelity greatly simplifies this process by guiding people through naming projects one step at a time, and by helping them immediately protect their chosen name with a trademark, domain and on-going monitoring services.  We believe Brand Fidelity offers the most comprehensive set of brand naming resources available anywhere - on or offline.


In addition to providing customer convenience, personalized toll-free telephone numbers can reinforce corporate messaging and increase brand awareness.  Brand Fidelity clients now have the ability to request and reserve toll-free numbers that match their chosen brand name through TeleDomains’ quick online process. 


“We embrace Brand Fidelity’s vision for self-guided name branding and are pleased to partner with the company to provide business owners and marketers with additional creative branding tools,” said TeleDomains President Bernard Sonnenschein.  “A memorable toll-free number is an important component of any marketing program.  Our creative team can develop numbers to match virtually any business or personal name, and our easy online sign-up process enables customers to quickly secure and activate the number.''


“A personalized toll-free number is an affordable way to reinforce any brand name,” added Brand Fidelity Co-Founder and CEO Mark Swinth, “and we can deliver number ideas in one-tenth of the time the typical telephone company does.  We’re pleased to be able to offer this new value-added service to our customers.”


Other upgrades in version 2.0 include an enhanced trademark and domain name portfolio tool, which enables users to add and track name assets based on ownership, serial number and name.  Plus they have streamlined navigation for easier access to specific tools.


About TeleDomains

TeleDomains, a division of NetUpstarts Inc., is a New York-based business offering a unique new patent- pending service that matches a business' domain name, website address, company product or service mark with a customized toll-free telephone number.  TeleDomains helps businesses reinforce their brand name while offering customers free telephone access to their products and services from anywhere in the United States.


About Brand Fidelity

Brand Fidelity delivers the world’s most comprehensive brand creation and asset management tools.  Brand Fidelity accomplishes this by providing a comprehensive set of fast and easy-to-use online tools that eliminate the complexity and risk often associated with do-it-yourself name branding.  The privately held company is based in Portland, Ore.  For more information, visit



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