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About Us and How We Can Help You With a Vanity Toll Free Number is a New York based business offering a new unique patent pending vanity toll free numberservice for businesses large and small, "click" and "brick".

TeleDomains™ match a business’ domain name, web site address or company product, company name or service mark with customized vanity toll free numbers. With TeleDomains™, businesses can get a domain name and associated low cost customized catchy toll free phone and/or fax numbers that match its domain name, web site address or company product or service mark. TeleDomains™ help businesses reinforce their brand name and recognition while offering their customers free and easy telephone access to their products and services from anywhere in the United States with our vanity toll free numbers.

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TeleDomains.coms vanity 800 number services, which are offered to companies and individuals, include assisting and advising with the web name/toll free telephone branding process. Through its relationships with companies providing telecommunications services, TeleDomains™ offer assistance in creating the matching vanity toll-free telephone numbers and setting up low cost vanity toll free number service. Customers without a domain name, can CLICK HERE for the list of TeleDomains™ offered by or they can CLICK HERE for a complete list of domain names being offered by The company offers exclusive consulting services to provide personalized attention in searches for a premium domain name and to facilitate setting up low cost vanity 800 numbers telephone service. If you are a lawyer, please visit our special attorney advertising site. CLICK HERE for additional information regarding our consulting services.

Domain Name Experience: The management of has been involved with domain names and toll free numbers since 1997.

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