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Technology Headlines
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Monday April 10 07:00 PM EDT

Net names get linked to toll-free numbers

Patricia Jacobus, CNET

A domain name brokerage tomorrow will launch a service that allows online businesses to match their Internet addresses with toll-free telephone numbers.

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Through its new TeleDomains service, New York-based will set up toll-free numbers online for emerging and established companies, executives said.

The customized telephone numbers will match businesses' Web site addresses, products or service marks, said Bernard Sonnenschein, WhataDomain's president.

The service "helps new companies get a presence on the Web; it sets them up and shows the world that that they're in business," he added.

Many Net companies have recently resorted to all sorts of tactics to bring consumer attention to their Web sites.

One way to get noticed is by branding a company's domain name through a toll-free number, Sonnenschein said.

The new program also will operate an affiliate network. Companies that join the network will get a monthly commission if consumers who visit their sites also click on TeleDomains banner ads and sign up for the toll-free number service.

Sonnenschein said the company is in the middle of negotiations with several potential partners but declined to discuss the deals.

WhataDomain creates and purchases domain names and then sells them to its customers.

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