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Registrars Offering '800' Numbers With Domain Names
  By David McGuire, Newsbytes
24 Aug 2000, 2:54 PM CST

Seeking to expand their service offerings, a pair of competing Internet registrars this week announced plans to offer matching toll-free telephone numbers to customers who buy dot-com Internet addresses. today announced a deal with that will allow the domain name seller's customers to sign up for matching toll-free telephone numbers when they buy ".com" and other Internet addressees through hopes to paint itself as a one-stop-shop for fledgling businesses looking to build name recognition and online identity, spokesperson Shonna Keeogan said today.

The announcement comes just two days after domain name registration giant Network Solutions Inc.'s largest competitor announced a deal with Response Marketing Group to provide toll-free numbers to Network Solutions' domain name customers.

Keeogan said that the timing of the two announcements was coincidental., the company that has contracted to provide the toll-free telephone services, specializes in taking company names and assigning matching toll-free telephone numbers, President Bernard Sonnenschein said today.

For $95, plus the cost of registering a domain name with the company, customers will be able to avail themselves of's services, Sonnenschein said today.

For that flat fee, staffers will work to match an available "800" number with the domain name registered by the customer. maintains access to the master directory of toll-free numbers and will often try "thousands" of combinations in an attempt to match a business name to a phone number, Sonnenschein said today.

Response Marketing Group - the company chosen by Network Solutions for its toll-free telephone service offering - bills itself as the nation's leading toll-free number provider.

In May, Network Solutions began offering a similar service that allowed customers to immediately register their toll-free numbers as domain names.

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