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InternetNews - Advertising Report

August 24, 2000
InternetNews - Advertising Report Archives, Team to Co-Sell Services
By Christopher Saunders

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Domain name registrar, (NASDAQ:RCOM) and, a B2B provider of custom toll-free numbers, Thursday announced a marketing alliance to cross-sell the companies' services.

The deal allows customers of either company to obtain a branded, toll-free number when they register a domain name.

For obvious reasons, domain names are one of the most highly prized aspects of a company's online business. Recent name purchase deals have been valued in the millions, with their marketing and branding potential conceivably worth much more. and its parent, incubator NetUpstarts, are betting that as emerging companies establish brand identities and offline customer support, they will want to treat their telephone numbers similarly.

Accordingly, the service matches a business with corresponding numbers based on its name or products.

"We're excited about this partnership, because like, we help businesses differentiate themselves from their competition, and we help their customers remember more easily where to find them," said president Bernard Sonnenschein.

Customers using the yet-to-be-released service will pay a one-time fee of $95 for's customized number reservation services and 7.8-cents-per-minute rates.

"Just as traditional businesses have realized they cannot ignore the power of the Internet, e-businesses are realizing they need diverse methods for attracting and servicing their customers," said president and chief executive officer Richard Forman.

"The service is a perfect addition to our suite of services because it provides our customers with a valuable branding and communications tool just as they're looking to expand their business online."

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