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Web Developer News

April 11, 2000
Web Developer News Archives Matches Toll-Free Numbers, Domains
By Scott Clark

WhataDomain Tuesday launched, a site designed to assist businesses in creating their sales and customer service presence through the use of custom toll-free numbers and matching domain names to go along with them.

The service includes participation by a creative team that will develop toll-free number options that match the client's domain name, URL, company product or service mark with a customized toll-free number. TeleDomains enables businesses to reinforce their brand name and recognition along with providing customers with free and easy telephone access to their products and services from anywhere in the United States.

The TeleDomains service works the following way - a company operates under the name YourBiz Inc., and conducts business on the web using the domain name establishes a toll-free telephone number of 1-877-YourBiz to match its domain name, along with a toll-free fax number, 1-877-FaxYourBiz, if the client wiahes.

Additionally,, along with its communication partners, provides customers with low cost telephone services. The company is also launching the Affiliate Network, in which affiliates receive payments based the telephone usage of the customers they referred.

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