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InternetNews - ASP News

December 4, 2000
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By Kevin Newcomb
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Leading global ASP Interliant Inc. (NASDAQ:INIT) today (Dec 4) announced an alliance with, an online providers of custom toll-free number services, that will enable Interliant's web hosting customers to obtain toll-free numbers that match their registered domain names.

The service will help users of Interliant's INIT Host solution strengthen both their online and offline presence with an easily remembered way for customers to access their products and services. For example, if a customer registers the domain, the service will assist the company by creating and establishing a toll-free telephone number of 800/MyBrand and/or a toll-free fax number, 800/FaxMyBrand.

"Finding unique new ways to attract and serve customers is essential as both brick and mortar and online enterprises seek to increase their e-business sales and revenues in relation to their competition," said Steve Spokane, product marketing director, web hosting, for Interliant. "The service is a great enhancement to our hosting package because it provides a simple, high-impact way for our customers to build their brand and communicate with their customers."

The service will be offered to new Interliant customers as part of the domain name registration process. It also will be accessible to existing customers through the Interliant hosting site. Once a customer places an order for the service through the online request form, will contact that customer by email with a matching toll-free telephone number within three business days. If the number is acceptable, the customer can activate the number online, and it will become operational within five business days.

"We're excited about working with Interliant to offer their customers a tool that helps differentiate them in the e-commerce marketplace," said Bernard Sonnenschein, president of "We get emails from users every day thanking us for offering a service that helps customers find them more easily. And the online sign-up process is painless, consisting of a few lines to fill in with no signature needed. All of the processing and set-up work are done by for the user."

Interliant and will share in revenue streams resulting from both initial proceeds as customers sign up for the service as well as recurring revenue as customers continue to use the service.

Interliant's INIT Solutions Suite includes messaging and knowledge management, security, e-commerce, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, distributed learning, website hosting and web-based rental applications.

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