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  Date Stamp tab - Editorial Mon May 8

May 08, 2000


Don't forget to reward your customers and reserve your 800 number.

By Alexei Oreskovic


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(May 08, 2000)

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(May 08, 2000)

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(May 08, 2000)

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(May 08, 2000)

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Domain names are sexy, sometimes fetching millions of dollars. Toll-free phone numbers, however, are not. But lack of sex appeal isn't stopping New York-based TeleDomains.

Launched in April, the firm matches businesses with corresponding toll-free phone numbers based on company and product names and descriptions. For example, TeleDomains might secure 1-800-codpiece for a medieval costume-maker's customer support line.

TeleDomains charges companies a one-time $95 fee for its services, and 7.8-cents-per-minute rates. What's more, registering the traditional way means you have to sign papers and fax them back and forth – while TeleDomains does it all via the Web and e-mail.

TeleDomains wouldn't divulge how many businesses it has registered for toll-free numbers so far, but did say that 35 percent to 40 percent of visitors to its site request a number. The firm also claims to be talking with the major registrars to offer businesses the ability to simultaneously sign up for a domain name and a toll-free number. Look out, ICANN.

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